Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's an acronym for "She Who Must Be Obeyed".  It comes from a BBC series - "Rumpole of the Bailey".  I have called her that for years.  But . . . she is truly a dear, in spite of that trait.

She, also, hates to be photographed so I have to sneak pictures now and then.  But I have learned (remember that SWMBO) to ask her permission before I publish one. 

She was working in the yard recently and I got a couple that she agreed, reluctantly, to let me post.  I like this one in her "Vincent Van Gogh" hat.

So, I got away with a couple.  And then.  There's her companion, Mr. Blackwell.

He's the only one of the trio who gets to go outside and that permission was granted reluctantly, as reluctantly as SWMBO allowed me to post photos of her.  But he has become accustomed to our home.  He loves to go out.  But he's become so fat that he can no longer go under the fence to free land.  And he's become very accustomed to the regular feeding he gets inside. 

So, he goes out, stays in the yard and comes in again when we ask him.

Good cat.


Lucy said...

Ryder-Haggard before Rumpole, in fact, from the adventure novel, later the film 'She', I think.

Nice hat Mrs Cat!

WV - 'articat', very appropriate!

Lucy said...
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The Bug said...

Hi SWMBO! I LOVE Rumpole - I've listened to all the audio books my library had.

Tess Kincaid said...

Tell SWMBO I adore the chignon, as well as the Van Gogh hat.

Catalyst said...

Well, I'll be dogged, as the boys in the Old West sometimes said. Lucy, while I have often heard of the book "She", I have never read it and had no idea the title "She Who Must Be Obeyed" went further back than Rumpole. Now, I'm curious and will seek out the book. Thanks!

As for the other compliments from you, Bug and Tess . . SWMBO is modestly grateful.

Steve said...

We must listen to our better halfs. That black cat is sure getting big.

Thérèse said...

That black hat can't get lost, that's good.
Better respect Mrs SWMBO so that one day perhaps she will agree to have her...
Perfect Van Gogh's hat for the summer!

Catalyst said...

Yes, Steven, we must. And that little black cat has become a fat one.

Therese (darn, I wish I could do those accents) that black cat was once a little forlorn, scarred-up kitten who we took in. And just look at him now!

Thérèse said...

To answer your "statement" I don't like this kind of "economics" and would have preferred to enter the real thing!