Tuesday, May 10, 2011


. . . yesterday I wrote briefly about birds in the hand.

Today it is about one bird in not exactly the bush but in our as yet unbloomed Mimosa tree.

In this next view part of a twig makes it appear as if he has four eyes.  I assure you it is an optical illusion.

And then there's cookery.  Last night I cooked Chicken Saltimbocca.  For those not familiar with it, chicken breasts are flattened to a quarter of an inch or so, salted and peppered, layered with several small basil leaves, topped with prosciutto, lightly floured and sauteed in butter and olive oil.  When they are golden, a sauce is prepared consisting of white wine, lemon juice, chicken broth and a bit of flour for thickening.  Yum.

SWMBO fixed a pea risotto to accompany the chicken.  Delicious!  And, joy of joys, there was enough to have it again tonight!

Now, here's a puzzle for you.  Can you figure out what this is?  It is baked in a 12-inch (or so) black iron skillet.

The second photo should give it away. 

It is a Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie! 

I swiped the recipe from Melissa at Alosha's Kitchen.  Hers looks better than mine because I think I baked mine a bit too long.  All I know is that the half I have left is hard as a rock.  But it is tasty!


The Bug said...

Mmm - the chicken & rissoto sounds tasty - but the cookie looks fabulous! Yum! Just dunk the 2nd half in milk to soften it up :)

Lena said...

Give us a bit! You are an excellent cook! Just wondered if you ever thought of making four-eyed, twenty blackbirds baked in a pie..? lol

Melissa said...

It does look beautiful. The melty chocolate and buttery crisp outside is what gets me. And the saltimboca and risotto sound AMAZING - right up my alley.

As for the hard-as-a-rock portion, do you have a food processor? You can always process it into crumbs and sprinkle it on ice cream! :)

Lowandslow said...

Mmmmm....looks delicious. I mean the cookie, not the bird. ;)


Lolamouse said...

That bird has its eye(s) on you! I love chicken saltimboca! My mouth is watering now!

Tess Kincaid said...

My skillet is begging for this.

Tom Cochrun said...

The saltimboca sounds good--it will be "flavored through" even more. Great idea for the cookie. The Iron skillet is also a great way to warm left over pizza.
And I loved seeing the picture of your mom...she wore her hair much as my mom did at that age.