Monday, May 23, 2011


Our grandson, Sgt. Russell "Rusty" Milburn paid a visit to Arizona this past weekend, accompanied by the love-of-his-life, Kayla.

Well!  That brought a gathering of the clan together.  Rusty's twin sister Christina (Christy).

And his older sister, Lesly.

And her son, the handsome and precocious Donovan.

Of course, the BRD was in attendance.  Actually she hosted most of the weekend at her lovely home.

She and SWMBO planned the entire event for days in advance.

The BRD's Beau Jack aided in the hosting and competing with Donovan at a yard game.

I think I have revealed in the past a fascination with women's painted toenails.  This weekend I was in, as they say, hog heaven!

Although we all had great conversations with our soon-to-be civilian and his lady, I noticed that they never strayed far from each other.

And one final shot of the young-uns as cars were about to take to the road for different directions.

It was a great weekend reunion and everyone left happy. 


Anonymous said...

awww... what a lovely family you have! Love the toenails :)

Tom Cochrun said...

happy times there--thanks for sharing. I can see your smile during the weekend. And I'll bet with the two ladies in charge, it was a great weekend.

Steve said...

Looks like everyone had a grand time. Soon to be a civilian. Good for him.

The Bug said...

Great looking family - looks like a fun day :)

P.S. Boy is he TALL! (or does he hang out with shrimps?)

Jarart said...

Good looking family. I like these shots and had to chuckle at the toe fetish. It's so fun to have the young-uns visit. You have a lot of smiles in the pictures. I usually get frowns when I pull out the camera.

Catalyst said...

Dawn - Oh, good! I'm not the only one with a foot fetish!

Tom - Oh, yes. All I had to do was shoot pictures and stay the hell out of the way!

Steve - Yup. About 12 years in all with one deployment to Kosovo, three to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. I think that's enough.

Dana - There are some shrimps in the family but he's (at 6-3 or 4) taller than me now.

Judy - My secret? Shoot lots of pictures, dump the bad ones and save the good ones!

Anonymous said...

Those toes all look so cute! kinda hot ;)