Monday, June 27, 2011

MAG 71

I know these are probably glass sculptures, most likely done by the artists at Dale Chihuly’s place up around Seattle. But, they look like undersea creatures to me. And that scares me.

I’ve done a wee bit of snorkeling and I loved when a school of fish would surround me and I could move my hand through them without ever touching any of them. They didn’t dart away but they somehow always avoided my hand.

But what panicked me were the gars, or needlefish, that streaked through beneath me, zig-zagging back and forth in a thrice. This picture kind of reminds me of those needlefish, long and narrow and deadly (?).

I never did enough snorkeling to be able to learn to go beneath the surface. I just paddled around up top, looking at what colorful spectacles were beneath me.

Once I went snorkeling with a friend down around Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. My companion was more experienced than I was. He dove. I don’t know if he saw anything more than I did. But I do know that I lost sight of him and while I was dabbling around on the surface, he came up behind me and grabbed my foot. I nearly drowned! I was sure a Great White Shark had me in it’s jaws.

My pal (?) got a big laugh out of it. The bastard!

But he paid for our snorkeling expedition and for the beer so I guess it was okay in the end.

I do remember that we went out to this site in a boat and when we were done with our swimming we had to hoist ourselves up over the side into the boat. I couldn’t do it and he and the Mexican boat owner had to combine to drag me up over the side.

But, like I said, my pal paid for the beer. What our friends for?

However. I still shivver a bit when I look at this picture.

Magpie Tales is a little game played by participants each week.  Mistress Willow/Tess posts a picture and challenges any and all to write whatever based on it.  You can read more entries at Magpie Tales and even get into the game yourself.


Lucy said...

I like it when a simple picture provokes recollections and meanderings like that!

They are striking sculptures aren't they?

WV is 'porpa', which might be the plural of 'porpus' which might prompt another snorkelling reminiscence!

Tess Kincaid said...

I would have died from fright if anything or anyone grabbed my foot!

Isabel Doyle said...

your friend is lucky he didn't loose his teeth ...

great stories

Anonymous said...

I am terrified of the Deep Sea, that sulfuric place by the vents I am scared even of images lol I feel you but I would like to snorkel like you near the surface that'd fun! I would've drowned us both if it were me lol

Thérèse said...

They look like beautiful stylized long horns to me!
Though I had pleasure reading your adventure.

Anna said...

I would have been scared, too! Nice recollection!

Sezaaay said...

wonderful !
im not a fan of the ocean at all, in fact i hate it. but when you werent explaining about the needle fish these wonderful images of the ocean and the fish planted themselves in my mind !
well done:)