Thursday, July 21, 2011


First the important stuff.  Arizona shortstop Stephen Drew broke his ankle in last night's Diamondbacks game and is out for the season.  He was trying to score from second on a fly to left field and when he slid at home, his right foot got caught, twisted and snapped.  Oddly enough, on the very next play Milwaukee's center fielder,  Carlos Gomez, made a spectacular diving catch of a blooper, landed on his shoulder and broke his clavicle.  He's out of the lineup indefinitely.  Baseball ain't no sport for sissies, in spite of what the football fans say.

Now then.  My pal Danny Bananas sent me a link in an email to some spectacular aerial photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  They're well worth a look and you can seen them here.

That's all for today, folks.


  1. Wow those pictures are AMAZING. There was a lot of beauty, but I was most intrigued by the Copenhagen suburbs - fascinating!

    That's just terrible for those ball players - I never want to see them get hurt like that. Although it would be ok with me if Rickie Weeks sprained his ankle. I'M JUST KIDDING!

  2. Oh, Dana, you are so bad! But I know how you feel. LOL!!

  3. Extraordinary photos!
    Sorry to hear about the injuries in the "pastoral" game.
    That is a non contact sport!!!

  4. Oh, I think some of them wear contacts.

    Oh, that's not what you meant.


  5. oooh, those photos are just so cool! I saw the frame by frame photos of Drew's injury in process. Scary.

  6. That was a nice diversion. Oakland is going to kick NY Yankee butt tonight.

  7. Anyone who kicks the NY Yankee's butt is a friend of mine.


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