Saturday, July 9, 2011


Something is wrong with our big black boy cat, Blackwell.  He's only eating a bite or two and has cut down on his water intake.  He spends a lot of time under the bed.  We're worried as this was how Smoke behaved before we had to put him down.  But what can you do?

Meantime, I spotted our oldest cat, Muggles, in an uncharacteristic pose today cuddled up for a nap with a ceramic cat.

And a few feet away, Jazz has found yet another box that just  seems to suit her fine.


  1. Sounds like you might be mahing a trip to the vet, if things don't improve.

  2. Have a blood panel done and check for liver and kidney function. Our kitty, Lily, acted like this and it turned out to be hepatic lipidosis. We almost lost her but we pulled her through with the help of Todd Metcalf, a holistic vet in town, after the regular vet gave up. She was nine then and now she's going on 15. We also changed her diet from a high quality dry food to an all raw meat diet (using a supplement I add in just for cats...I can give you info). She was pre-diabetic and had pancreatitis. After only three weeks on the raw food diet her blood sugar was completely normal, the pancreatitis was gone and she'd drop a couple of unneeded pounds. Maybe some of this will help...

  3. Yep. Could be something serious. Could be something easily treatable.

    Here's hoping it's the latter.

    To the vet!

  4. Cats are cool...and perhaps a visit to the vet is in order.

  5. SWMBO has been treating him with a cat antibiotic and today she opened a can of tuna packed in oil and he seemed to like that. He seems to have much more vim and vigor today but we may take him to the Humane Society vets tomorrow.

    Thanks, all, for your concern.

  6. I hope blackwell is ok & continues to improve. I love your cat pictures.. cats love to sleep in all kinds of places. My cat has literally torn to shreds the box I gave him to play in, he just love boxes of any size. He will even squish himself into a shoebox if there is any around.


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