Sunday, August 28, 2011


This morning I went out to check on baby dove.  He was sitting in his nest, all alone, apparently waiting for someone to bring him some food.  Late this afternoon, I went out again and found that he has left the nest and was securely perched on the gridwork next to it.  He didn't seem at all concerned about me.  At least I don't think he was, though his eyes look pretty big as he carefully watched me take photos of him.

At any rate, he seems to be growing fast and will probably test his wings in a day or so and that's the last I'll see of him.  So this is his graduation picture.  Vaya con dios, young dove.


The Bug said...

I've enjoyed your dove-tail. :)

Anonymous said...

One young dove rebuilt his nest at the base of our wiper blades each time we left the truck parked in the drive for a few days.
We felt bad, but he finally found a suitable spot :)

Katherine said...

Oh he's gorgeous. Happy graduation day young dove!

Thérèse said...

Is the cat ready for the Graduation Day?

Catalyst said...

Diva - I don't think doves are known for their intellectual abilities.

Therese - None of our cats go outside anymore.

Lucy said...

Hasn't he grown! Glad it had a happy ending.