Friday, August 12, 2011


For foodies: a new food magazine put together by New York chef David Chang of the famous restaurant Momofuku's.

I got my copy yesterday and have made a quick run-through of it.  It's about 175 pages with absolutely no advertisements!  If you can imagine an impromptu and alcohol-fueled conversation (rant) between Chang, Anthony Bourdain and Wylie Dufresne at Cafe de la Concha in San Sebastian, Spain, you may begin to understand the unvarnished language used throughout the magazine.  For example, one of several photos of paper-wrapped chopsticks scattered through the magazine - this one emblazoned with how-to-hold-them drawings with the heading "Would you f---ing learn how to do this already?"

There are a number of easy-to-follow recipes in there also but a warning - this entire issue is dedicated to one subject: ramen.  Not the type you get in packets from the grocery store but real hearty ramen.  Like the one pictured on the back cover.

Lucky Peach is slated as a quarterly.  This is the first issue.  You can get a closer look and even buy it or subscribe at the McSweeneys web page.


Anonymous said...

Don't know David Chang, but Anthony Bourdain is a riot to watch. I've never had REAL ramen, but it looks pretty good. Are those thin sheets on the edge of the bowl seaweed? I had a Korean roommate in college and he prepared something that looked similar. :)


Lowandslow said...

Oops...that last comment was from me, lowandslow. My wife was still apparently signed in. :)

Catalyst said...

Oh, that's o.k. And, yes, I believe that is seaweed. If you've never read Bourdain's first book - Kitchen Confidential - you might enjoy it.

jgodsey said...

waiting for mine...!
chang was a stitch on Treme!

Catalyst said...

JG - Unfortunately, we don't have HBO so we have to watch Treme via Netflix a year late. So haven't seen that Chang bit yet. But the mag IS a stitch.