Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have a long time friend from my days in broadcasting who has gone on to a successful career in video production in (Hooray for..) Hollywood.  Her name is Linda Ellman.  I got an email from her today asking that I take a look at a new project she's got underway.  I'm going to print her email here and ask you to take a look at her project.  If you can, give her some financial support.  If not, just enjoy.  Here's her e-mail with a link to a video.


I wanted to bring you up to date on JOCK, my "League of Their Own" documentary about the pioneer female jockeys who fought for the right to ride, 40 years ago. We've got a great beginning and a great ending for the film--centered around the first ever 'Lady Legend's Race' shot last year at Pimlico. -- Now we're traveling cross country shooting the historical interviews for the middle.

Either we need to interest a network in buying a one-off or in order to complete shooting, we need to raise money. I am hoping you can help us spread the word... We have launched a Kickstarter campaign. If you haven't heard of Kickstarter, here's how it works. Click on this link and watch the NEW VIDEO that explains the film.


Then make a pledge. Any amount helps. It's all or nothing. If we don't reach our goal, you're not charged. If we do, we can keep filming.

The right side of the Kickstarter page shows the pledge amounts and REWARDS. Wait...rewards, yes! Lots of cool gifts.

One of the film's friends sent an email to everybody in her contacts challenging them to match her pledge... The results were great! She raised more than $1,000 in one night. If 30 people would do that...we'd reach our goal.

This is going to be a great film about women and horse racing. Anything you can do to share this request with friends, family, co-workers--anybody in the horse world would be greatly appreciated.



Linda Ellman
Ellman Entertainment
1040 N. Las Palmas Ave. Bldg 26
Hollywood, Ca. 90038

Phone: 323 860-8500

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