Friday, October 28, 2011


Google has come up with an amazing way to promote their LG Optimus Android phone.  (I think that's the correct way to describe it but I'm not real tech savvy on these things.)  Anyway, they showed a phenomenal 3-D video on the wall of a building in Berlin that you just have to see to believe.  And even then you may not believe what you've seen.  Anyway, take a look.


Stephen Hayes said...

Absolutely incredible! Can't wait to show this to my wife! Thanks for sharing it.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Stephen, I had seen it several times before I was inspired to post it. Call it another of my Mindless Fridays!

Lucy said...

I really enjoyed it too! Thanks Cat.

Meggie said...

AmaZing, an a pleasure to view, XX

Chrissy Peebles said...

Hello! (((((hugs)))))

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laughingmom said...

That was a cool video- thanks for sharing. Just hopping over for Halloween and now following you!

Intricate Knot said...

Happy Halloween Hop! LOVED seeing this video of Google's new phone. Would LOVE to see this stunning display live, so when are they coming to my neck of the woods!!

I enjoy your humorous style and will definitely be back. :)

Fav scary book: The Shining (still makes me shiver!)
Fav costume: a witch (what else?)
Fav horror film: The Fog (yikes :0)

Jerry said...