Monday, October 3, 2011


It looks like Autumn has finally gotten serious.  The high temperatures on the past balmy weekend were in the lower 80's.  Even today it is forecast to hit 79.  But tomorrow, ah tomorrow, that's when the temperatures will begin to drop.  Tomorrow's high is forecast to be 70, Wednesday's 69 and by Thursday the forecast high is 60!  That's SIXTY DEGREES, folks.  Flagstaff, only about 80 miles from here but a couple of thousand feet higher in elevation, has a possibility of SNOW!

Yes, I'm afraid the balmy days of summer are gone for this year and it won't be too long until we see something like this.

And then we'll be right back to complaining about the snow, the ice and the cold weather and wondering if summer will ever come.


The Bug said...

Well I know that I for one will definitely be complaining. Why, I've already started practicing!

Lowandslow said...

So far our fall is shaping up quite nicely. I'm just hoping we have a bit of cold and some snow this winter. I like four seasons. In Texas we usually have only two: Summer and January 21st. ;)


Lucy said...

Seems as if the whole northern hemisphere has had an Indian summer. Ours was much hotter than the real one and quite weird. I took advantage of it, but now it's turning back to something like proper autumn it's a bit of a relief.

I do like that snowy picture.