Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes, with the profusion of buildings and cars, one forgets that we still live in the country.  Witness, for example . . .

Did you see him?  Way down there at the far end of this meager stretch of grass next to a medical building and its adjoining parking lot?

Take a closer look.

Yes it's a bunny rabbit.

He would hop a few steps, then stop and look around, nose twitching, checking for any sign of danger.  But I stayed quietly inside my car as he kept hopping closer.  Finally, he stopped directly in front of me.

And, thanks to the marvels of photo editing, I got my close-up.

It's a long time until Easter, granted, but . . . oh, heck, Gene, sing it!


  1. Yep, we still see them in town here, too. And believe it or not I recently saw a bobcat along a creekbed just a block from where I live, and on TV they showed a mountain lion on the roof of a house in Plano (heavily built up Dallas suburb).


  2. I've been told that there are bobcats in the forest behind our house but I haven't seen anything other than coyotes.

  3. boy, it"s been a while since I heard that!

  4. Nice catch. We have deer and wild boars in our neck of the woods.

  5. There are too many dogs in our neighborhood - we rarely see rabbits. Now squirrels are a whole other matter!


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