Monday, November 14, 2011


Sunday dawned a wet morning.  But it wasn't raining hard.  Just a steady mist, like something on the Oregon coast.  I wonder if bamboo grows in Oregon.

 Whether it does or not, it makes a good pallette for my Arizona raindrops.

As I said, it didn't rain hard, just enough to make the ground damp and leave some pearlescent raindrops clinging to leaves.

With that kind of dark, Holmesian day . . it was better to retreat inside to the Sunday paper.


Lowandslow said...

Nice photography. Very artsy. And you're right, that's the perfect weather to cocoon inside and enjoy a calm day with a cuppa joe and a good read.


Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Thank you, Scott.

Tom Cochrun said...

Great shots. The dew drop picture is especially

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Hey, bro, thanks a lot!

Thérèse said...

Hooray for the rain though El Nina is on its way... It rained last weekend in Chandler but never as much as in Phoenix.

Steve said...

Nice photos. Still dry here.

The Bug said...

We had a storm last night (ironically, it occurred at about the same time as my "Storm" post posted). And today is just a host of gray fluffy clouds moving around the sky. I ate my lunch at my desk.