Friday, November 4, 2011


We have reached that time of year when it is all right to rhapsodize about food.  I love November.  Actually, I'm cheating.  This pumpkin pie was made by my blushing bride in late October and I had the last piece, smothered in whipped cream, for breakfast yesterday.

Some years ago, when SWMBO was married to someone else, she and her husband and their three kids used to travel from near Indianapolis to Detroit to visit his parents.  The kids always delighted in the fact that their grandfather would eat cookies with his coffee for breakfast.

But back to November.  It's not just Thanksgiving.  With family spread here and there it's a pretty low key holiday for us.  SWMBO still feels an obligation to make a pretty expansive (in more ways than one) meal for the day, even if it's just the two of us.  But she's not a big fan of turkey and she absolutely refuses to deal with the carcass.  So she's been doing a turkey breast for years.  (Not the same one.)  It's only white meat, which we both prefer, and it's a lot less mess.  Occasionally in recent years, I have bought a whole chicken and roasted it in the oven.  But I have to promise to pick the carcass, and I do.  (Just more for me.)

But pie.  Especially pumpkin pie, is one of my true pleasures.  We had the BRD and her Beau Jack over for brunch recently and SWMBO planned on serving lemon tart for dessert.  For some reason she didn't seem sure of it so we made, and devoured, two of them prior to the big day and the third tart.  As several people told me the other day, "Bruce, you are a lucky man!"

Now here's the kicker.  I don't really pay any attention to my weight other than to grieve when I'm looking in a mirror after a shower.  I don't diet, don't really watch what I eat and I ignore most of the wife (and chief nag's) comments on what I'm stuffing in my face.  I rarely weigh myself but the other day I was going to the doctor and decided to weigh myself at home before I left the house.  I HAD LOST 15 POUNDS!  Just in the last couple of months and I have no idea how it happened.  The doctor was very complimentary as I told him, oh, yes, I exercise, I'd been lifting weights, etc.  (That's another one karma, if it truly works, will bite me for some day.) 

SWMBO was happy but jealous.  She's the one who tries so hard to lose weight and usually has no luck at it.

But I felt so good about it that after I left the doctor's office I went straight to Jack in the Box to celebrate!


The Bug said...

You're so funny :) This made me chortle out loud (thank goodness my boss isn't here):

So she's been doing a turkey breast for years. (Not the same one.)


Lowandslow said...

You ARE a lucky man, Bruce! We usually cook a (different) turkey breast every year, and I even go out and buy some cornbread dressing because IMHO Thanksgiving just isn't right without cornbread dressing. And as I'm the only one in our house that thinks this way, it's on me to produce (buy) it.

Holiday cooking is a strange phenomenon: The cook(s) work for a day or more to prepare the feast, then we eat it in 20 minutes. Seems anti-climactic.

Congrats on the strenuous exercising. I must follow your example. ;)


Stephen Hayes said...

Okay, it's one thing to eat what you want and lose weight but to blog about it is downright evil. Gosh that pumpkin pie looks good.

Jerry said...

I'm afraid we do the whole bird thing on Thanksgiving...but then we got way too much family trooping in. And yes, pumpkin pie is one of my absolute favorites.