Monday, December 5, 2011


Glassford Hill, above and back of the Granite Dells.

Sunny skies today but not very warm (in the low 30's).  But around my home, the snow and ice was melting.

Meantime, one old member of the family was still grumpy about the snow and the cold.


Stephen Hayes said...

That icicle looks positively lethal!

MontclairMom said...

love the turtle - that makes it totally real-- :)

Tom Cochrun said...

I can understand the turtle's disposition.
Nice Icicle shots. but brrrrr!

Jarart said...

I like that you caught the drip off of the icicle. It's very pretty.
Thanks for telling me the name for the frost on my trees. I have seen it before but never knew what it was called.

Steve said...

Nice shot of the ice.