Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MAG 67

Now, this is an interesting bunch.

First there’s that pompous poseur with his monocle, staring affectedly up towards the light.

The young lady, ignoring her platter of chicken . . or is that pigeon . . , follows his gaze. But not without some disinterest and boredom.

The paid lute player to her left is rapt in his music, or in the cash that he will earn for this gig.

There’s a waitress (or waiter, who can tell these days), dressed in typical New York goth black, trying to do her/his job.

And then there’s the guard, who’s doing what he should be doing: keeping his eye out for interlopers.

So, what does this painting tell us?

Well, I’ll tellya what I think. I think these are a bunch of outta work hacks who are trying to become art objects. But, y’know, I think they’re mostly extras who stumbled into this scene in the hopes of winning the artistic “American Idol” competition.

My vote? They haven’t got a chance.

Except for the guard. He’s got an interesting face and I think, if he can carry a tune, he might be okay to lead a rock band.

We’ll see.

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Bob Dylan is exactly one year and one month younger than I am. 

I still prefer his music from his beginnings.