Thursday, February 9, 2012


SWMBO and I rarely go to an actual movie theatre to watch a movie.  Netflix takes care of most of our desires, even though we're usually months late on the newest pictures.  As today when we finally went to a theatre to see "The Descendants".

So let me take the easy part first.  George Clooney is magnificent and even when they tried to dumb down his looks, he shines through.  SWMBO is a huge fan of his and I said it before she did, "Clooney is great to look at, for gals and guys."  Now, I think without the star of "The Artist" . . Jean Dujardin . . in the race, Clooney might win the Oscar for Best Actor.  But it seems Dujardin has that award wrapped up.  But I think this is the best Clooney performance ever.

Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller were equally convincing as the two daughters in the movie.  And Nick Krause was maddeningly irritating at first but then became loveable as Sid.  Robert Forster is believable as the father-in-law of Clooney's Matt King.  And Beau Bridges turns in a bravura performance as one of Clooney's (King's) cousins.

All in all, a lot of good performances here.  As my friend, Phil, said after seeing the movie yesterday "It will make you want to move to Hawaii, as if we all didn't always want to move to Hawaii."

But, again "The Artist" will, I suspect, prevent a Best Movie Oscar for "The Descendants".  Actually I'm not sure I even thought it should have been nominated for Best Picture.

But . . . who the hell am I.


  1. I loved the scenery. They do all wear Hawaiian shirts!

    I plan to see the Artist tomorrow.

  2. Mrs. chatterbox and I loved the Descendants and I thought it was one of Clooney's best performances. But I'm not sure it's Oscar material.

  3. Glad you got to see it. Your "thoughts" are similar to my "Reel Thoughts" previously published.

    I think the Artist is brilliant, but I'm not sure it is
    film of the year, but then neither am I in the Academy nor in the Hollywood political scene.

  4. I don’t commonly comment but I gotta tell thanks for the post on this great one

  5. Joan - LOVE you comment about the Hawaiian shirts!

    Stephen - I don't think the picture is but Clooney's performance could be. We'll see.

    Tom - Yes, I vaguely recall your comments on the Descendants. We haven't seen The Artist yet so I'm only going by what I read.

    Jeremy - I'm always grateful for your comments. Keep 'em coming.

  6. I'll put it on my "must see" list. Thanks.


  7. We never go to the movies either - & lately we've been on a kick of watching Turner Classic Movies so I'm REALLY behind on current movies :)

    But that George Clooney is a cutie!

  8. I have yet to see The Descendants, and your review makes me even more keen to see it.