Monday, February 20, 2012


Is there more Republican stupidity out there?  Oh, yes.

For example, one of Arizona's favorite sheriffs being caught "with his pants down" the other day.  Paul Babeau (I don't think it's pronounced Bobo though it should be) was "uncovered" by New Times of Phoenix in a story about his allegedly threatening to have his Mexican boyfriend deported if he went public about their relationship.  Babeau has since denied that but he couldn't deny the fact that he and "Jose" had had a relationship because there was one picture of the sheriff with his arm around him and the other hand inside his shirt.  That's inside "Jose's" shirt, not Babeau's.  And another picture showed the bald sheriff standing bare except for a pair of jockey shorts.  Let's see, that's how former Congressman Anthony Weiner posed and we saw what happened to him.

Babeau said he had resigned as co-chair of the Romney for President campaign in Arizona.  But, as of today, it appears he's still running for Congress.

Oh, and he admitted to being gay.

Here's a campaign button that expresses my views.

And here's a cartoon about our misguided friends in the Tea Party.

And to top off a near-perfect weekend, here's a picture of a sign at an Alaskan fishing resort that my longtime pal, Danny Bananas, sent to me.

I think what we need is fewer politicians and more satirists!


Tom Cochrun said...

Righteous post my brother!
Love the cartoon especially.

Lowandslow said...

LOVE the cartoon!! I saw the same billboard sign a couple of weeks ago (fish camp humor I called it), but I still think it's hilarious. :)


Stephen Hayes said...

Love the Tea Party cartoon--humor with an extra spoonful of truth.

Thérèse said...

The campaign button is awesome!

The Bug said...

I just have to laugh at how politicians are always shooting themselves in the foot. I mean, come on - like we weren't going to find out? The sad thing is that (me being me) I don't see a problem with being gay, but lying? Not cool. Sigh.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the laughs today! I went to hear a lecture at ASU last night and I'm betting you would have enjoyed it. The speaker was Erwin Chemerinsky, expert on Constitutional Law and author of "The Conservative Assault on the Constitution". What an interesting man!