Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, it's over for another year.  The Academy Awards.  The Oscars.  The glitz.  The glamour.  The guys in basic black tuxedos.  The gals in gorgeous gowns.  I thought every woman looked fabulous this year.  The designers worked overtime and did a great job.  SWMBO and I disagreed on Meryl Streep's costume.  I thought she looked great, she and her friends (more about that later) thought she looked terrible.

Well, she won the Oscar so na-na-na-na-na-na.

But the absolute best costume and most beautiful woman at the Oscars was . . . ta-da-da-dah!

The incredible Gwyneth Paltrow.  All I could say was "wow!"

Lots of commentators were snarky about the choice of the emcee for the night.

Yes, as Billy Crystal himself displayed, this is his ninth time hosting the Oscars.  And his routine opening the show was typical, putting himself in each of the nominated movies.  But I think he's very funny and excellent for the show.  Maybe I'm getting old.

As for the awards, I was amazed to see Meryl Streep win because I had believed all of the hype about Viola Davis having it wrapped up for "The Help."  And just to turn it around, I had picked Janet McTeer for her supporting role in "Albert Nobbs" and Octavia Spencer won for "The Help."

Now here's the hooker.  Of the movies and roles nominated, I have seen "Midnight in Paris", (which won best Original Screenplay for Woody Allen), "The Descendants", (which won for Adapted Screenplay), and "Beginners", which got the Oscar for Christopher Plummer as Best Supporting Actor.

So I'm hardly a good judge.

But I know what I like.

Oh, I almost forgot.  SWMBO abandoned me, as is her wont.  Our friend, DK, has a ladies-only Oscar party every year at her home in Flagstaff.  SWMBO had declined it, I think, last year for some reason or another.  But this year she went.  She reports it was a great party, nine ladies making snide comments about all those Hollywood ladies while eating copiously and drinking perhaps even more copiously of wine.  Ahhh . . . . vino and movies.  How much better can it get?


Tom Cochrun said...

A great review of the show.
I too was surprised by the Streep win. She's great, no doubt, but I thought there were other as good as or better performances.

Go see Hugo when you can. And see the Artist as well.

What did you think of Angelina's leg-and the vamp by the award recipient? Natalie Portman's gown was a bit much, but she was poised and smooth in her presentation role.

I thought Billy was good. He is second to Carson in my book. Better than Hope because he's more inventive.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm not a Jennifer Lopez fan but she looked incredible. I was rooting for Hugo. Didn't care for The Artist. I like Billy but his brand of humor seemed really dated.

Lowandslow said...

Oddball that I am I didn't watch. I only saw one of the nominated movies, "Midnight in Paris", and liked it very much. Otherwise I'm just not into movies. After reading your great review, maybe I should be. :)


Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Tom - I thought Angelina's leg was a bit much but I missed the vamp. Just read about it.