Thursday, February 2, 2012


This morning SWMBO came into my den and said "it's snowing."

I turned and looked out the window and saw maybe three or four snow pellets falling.  That soon stopped and the rest of the day was mostly sunny.

But as I went out later this afternoon I caught this kind of Andrew Wyeth-looking scene.

Further in toward town, I snapped a couple of photos through the windshield.  (Yeah, I know.  I should never have let SWMBO know that.)  What caught my gaze was what looked sort of like a white tornado in the distance.

I guess it was just the front end of a rain squall moving across the horizon.  No buildings flattened in town as far as I could see.

I did take a photo of the big flag above Roberts' Market to show you how briskly the breeze was moving.  And I left some cars in the picture so you could see how big the flag is.

So far the weather seems to be moving around us except for the wind and some cooler temperatures than we've been having.


  1. That's what I'd call a right fine flag!

  2. That tornado-looking cloud is eerie. Glad it wasn't a REAL twister.

    I'd love a bit of snow here, but right now at 7:25 pm it's still 64 degrees. Rain tomorrow, though, which will help with our lingering drought.


  3. Gorgeous sky - I love the the ominous clouds...

    It's finally a bit cooler here - there was actual frost on the ground when I left for work!

  4. We haven't seen a day above freezing in a week. Europe is turning into an ice berg.