Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi, folks.  I know you've missed me, foaming at the mouth.  Guess what?  I'm back!

First of all the Republican circus.  Leroy Mitt Romney seems to be stumbling in all directions this week as his supposed lead in his old home state of Michigan appears to have been taken over by the (former) Senator from the 14th Century, Ricky Santorum.  I'm sorry.  He still looks like a cub scout to me.  But his views!  My gawd, his views!  On contraception.  I won't even mention his financial godsend who made an age-old but silly comment about aspirin between a woman's knees this week.  Even (former) Senator Santorum had to disavow that comment, though his own positions on women and contraception seem to be from . . well, as I said, the 14th Century.

But wait.  There's more.

I live in Arizona, the antidote to common sense and reality.  I have a friend in California (CALIFORNIA for gawd's sake!) who decries our state for the foibles of its legislators (most of them Republicans) and for our vaunted Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio reminds me of the sheriff or police chief back in Pennsylvania in the day.  He's a thug and a publicity hog.  He also treads on the rights of minorities.  But enough about him.

What really got me going was a couple of bills in the legislature.  One (again) wants to arm students at our universities by giving them permission to carry weapons on campus as long as they have a concealed carry permit.  No bother about the fact that such a permit has been weakened by the legislature's deciding holders don't need any gun training.  I mean, really!  As the Arizona State University police chief said last night, "you've got students who aren't happy with the grades they've received, arguing with their professors, now you arm them?????"

Then tonight there's a report of yet another bill passing through the legislature which would create an armed militia to patrol the border for TERRORISTS OF AL QUAIDA OR HEZBOLLAH WHO HAVE ALLIED WITH MEXICAN DRUG DEALERS!!!  Can you believe this?

A Bloomberg News reporter said she had been an observer of an interview between Governor Jan "Wacko" Brewer and the head of the Border Patrol.  Brewer supposedly kept hammering the BP guy, asking "How many terrorists have you arrested?  How many Al Quaida?  How many Hezbollah?"

The Border Patrol guy kept telling her it was not true, there was no involvement of Middle East terrorists with Mexican narcotraficantes but the governor wouldn't have it.

As I said to my wife tonight, "what planet are these people coming from?"

As for the claim that the federal government ("...the Obama government...") isn't protecting the border . . there are now 20,000 agents on the border with Mexico.  During the Bush administration there were 10,000.

Sheeesh!  I gotta go mix a drink.


  1. Pour me one to. Arizona seems to be having one big conservative festival while it can. I suspect the state will be far more liberal in a few years.

  2. So now your university graduates will be Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Magnum Cum .357? :)


  3. I can just picture Jan wagging her finger in the Border Patrolman's face.
    On a lighter note, I like the new banner photo. Makes me think of all the spring flowers we will be seeing soon.

  4. Good rant. Good points. Good heavens how crazy is all it? Hope the drink was good.

  5. American politics continue to confuse!

  6. Wonderful rant! I couldn't agree more! Jan and her puppet master Chuck are both idiots!

  7. I used to think that being from NC was embarassing...