Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've been somewhat remiss in my blogging duties lately.  'Course when one starts thinking of it as a "duty" it may be time to rethink the whole process.  But I've done that before and I continue so . . what the hey.

Saturday was preparation and delivery of the BRD's Christmas present dinner.  Sunday was preparation and dining on SWMBO's wonderful dinner for Amy and the Bear.  (My nickname for Amy and Barry - see previous posts).  Monday was lunch with the two of them.  And then we collapsed.  Sort of.

I had a doctor appointment Monday morning.  Judy had one today.  We each have one tomorrow.  And so it goes.  As I have so often said "if we didn't have these doctor appointments we wouldn't have any social life at all."  Of course, this week that was negated.

So, other than that, I finished the Sunday New York Times Monday evening.  I finished an ebook by Gail Collins called "Scorpion Tongues" today.  It's about political gossip since the days of George Washington up through the Bush 2 presidency.  It convinces one that it's not really worse than ever.  It just keeps on, maliciously through the years.  It does make one wonder about politics, though.  Oh well it keeps it somewhat interesting.

I see today's news is dominated by a gaffe made by a Romney spokesman who said the general election campaign will be sort of like an Etch-a-Sketch, sorting everything out for a new start.  Of course, Gingrich and Santorum have happily posed with Etch-a-Sketch toys today, talking about how Romney will change his views once he gets the nomination.  And the Democrats have joined in the fun.

So I haven't missed a thing.

Football!  Now there's an amusing sport.  Denver won the sweepstakes and signed Peyton Manning.  Then they traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.  But then the Jets found out they'd have to pay Denver an additional 5 million bucks to cover Tebow's bonuses and the Jacksonville Jaguars leaped back into the competition.  (Tebow reportedly would prefer to play in Florida, where he is very popular from his college career.)  But then later came word that the Jets had made the deal and Tebow would indeed come to New York.  Where he'll have to deal with their reigning quarterback, Mark Sanchez, and his followers on the team.  Methinks Mr. Tebow will not have a happy, or probably long, career in the National Football League.

Which is not to avoid mentioning the problems incurred by the New Orleans Saints, who have had their head coach suspended for a year, their general manager for half a year and who have been fined huge amounts for their policy of paying bonuses for nasty hits on opposing team members.  Gawd, the more you hear the more you find disgusting in professional sports.

So.  Politics.  Sports.  Both dirty.  Both condemnable.

What's left?


Guess we'll leave that to the Republicans.  And to another day.


Jeremy Bates said...

The NFL is too much of a bore these days anyway. Illegal hits used to be legal, QB's had no protection. The league is micro-managing entirely too much in my opinion, and thus taking the fun out of watching the games. Remember years ago when hitmen actually targeted other players?

As for Tebow, I hope he makes it somewhere. He has talent and his passing improved a lot over the course of his season in Denver. In addition, guys like him have that spirit that overcomes when all others have counted him out. I am reminded of the short Doug Flutie here.

Finally, if the NFL keeps on with the micro-managing, the acronym will no longer stand for the National Football League, but rather Not For Long.

Have a peaceful day and I hope all is well with you and your better half subsequent to your 'social outings' with the docs.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Thank you, Jeremy.

Stephen Hayes said...

People talk about how divisive politics are today, but in the old days people were attacked in the Senate and House chambers and duels were fought. Much worse than today.

Tom Cochrun said...

I hoped that Peyton would end up with the 49ers under another former Colt, Jim Harbaugh.

You have to wonder if there was ever any honor in politics.

Lowandslow said...

I like and admire Tim Tebow, but I just don't see him becoming a great NFL quarterback. I think he's built more like a tight end. I normally don't keep up with the NFL that closely as I'm not into pro sports. I much prefer college football.

Politics: It'll be Romney vs Obama, and unless the economy explodes between now and November Obama will win, IMO. People vote their pocketbooks.


Fijufic said...

Love the drama that unfolds....Tebow is a flash in the pan. Great athlete but not super pro caliber.

The Bug said...

I think the problem with the NFL is that players are so much bigger & stronger that you can't really let them hit like they used to - not without consequences. But then again I'm not really a football fan. Baseball anyone?

Ah politics - always entertaining. I agree with L&S - at least I HOPE that's what happens!

Steve said...

Talking sports, how about the Raiders. Lots of changes this year. And those A's have even more changes. They have been hot. Hope it continues. Tiger is only three back.