Saturday, April 14, 2012


April Fools Day was two weeks ago but the joker saved one last trick for us.

The BRD's birthday is April 11th.  SWMBO's birthday is May 12th.  Every year they go out for a long, lavish lunch somewhere between the two dates to celebrate another year.  Then they go to a nursery and buy lots of flowers to set out in front of the home of each. 

When she was younger, the BRD always used to push the season.  That is, after days of temperatures around 70 and trees greening and blooming, she would want to buy the flowers and get at it.  SWMBO always used to tell her "it's too soon."  The lesson has been learned.

Because nearly every year we'd wake to something like this.

Yes, it snowed again here last night.  Not much and it won't last.  The weather forecast says the high will be in the middle 40's today, the mid 50's on Sunday, the mid 60's on Monday, and the middle 70's for the rest of the week.

But for those of you who like this kind of thing . . enjoy!


  1. That much snow here would put the city on "storm watch". Haha! You'll be wishing you had some of this come next August. :)


  2. As long as it is not freezing inside and that you'll get flowers later in the season...

  3. Mother nature is sure being grumpy lately.

  4. Bruce:

    I just nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Check it out at Chubby Chatterbox.


  5. Snow! I'm jealous. I swear next year we're going to have a Little Ice Age because of all my complaining about lack of snow :)

    I love that tradition - fun for the day AND for the season. We're thinking about not doing a veggie garden this year - just flowers. But I'm waiting until May 15 just to be sure.

  6. Well spring came here 6 weeks early and has stayed, so I waited a bit and now I'm way behind. Can't win with the weather.

  7. This is why my lilac bushes don't get to bloom much any more.
    You had to be quick and early to get these pictures.

  8. I have been cutting my grass the entire shorts! I can't believe people anywhere are getting snow.

  9. Horrible climate you've chosen to afflict you mate!


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