Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Some photos of a fading bouquet.

SWMBO's favorite, a Carnation.

A science fiction fan's favorite, a very tropical-looking Lily.

The bouquet came to SWMBO from the BRD on the latter's birthday.  Rather nice to remember your mother on the anniversary of the day she gave birth to you.


  1. I love those carnations with the red tipped blossoms. Nicely photographed.

  2. Nice use of light & distance in the photos.

  3. Lovely photos on spectacular blossoms!
    I never thought of sending my mother something on my birthday, but what a great idea!

  4. My son always says his birthday is really my day.
    I love those flowers,and when friends say they are transient, I always say, they live on in the memory and are forever beautiful. Happy Birthday to BRD, and Happy Birthday to Judy, her mother.

  5. yes...and flowers make a room and a person happier!

  6. Lovely! And I must be a science fiction fan since I really like the lily :)


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