Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A photo I shot yesterday was a ghostly blur with a shadowy image inside that box.

Aha!  A few seconds later and a second shot with the flash stopped the movement and revealed the occupant/resident of that fairly new box.

It's Jazz in one of her favorite spots . . inside of a box.  I'm not sure why cats love boxes so much.  It may be because they would seem to offer protection or safety or coziness.  But they all have to try out any box that comes into the house.  This one is even big enough to accomodate Blackwell.  But Jazz tends to adopt and dominate the territory whenever a new one appears.


Lucy said...

Not sure which is more scary, with the flash or without!

There's a good kids' book called 'My cat likes to hide in boxes', it begins 'The cat from France likes to sing and dance/But my cat likes to hide in boxes' and continues in a similar vein, with funny pictures.

Lowandslow said...

Looky there....someone with a house smaller than mine. He seems quite happy, though. ;)


Lo said...

Great photo (the 2nd one) and Gorgeous Cat.