Saturday, May 19, 2012


I asked SWMBO what these blossoms were called and she told me "begonias".  That's be-GON-yas with a long O.  Whenever I hear a word like that it takes me back to a trip I took some years ago with my friend Steve.  I'll call him Baseball Steve to distinguish him from other Steves and Stephens who read this blog.  Baseball Steve is the guy who has treated me to many Diamondbacks games.

Anyway, we made a trip one Fourth of July to the tiny town of Patagonia, in southern Arizona.  Patagonia is pronounced like begonia.

And that took me further back to a song I heard decades ago.  Turn up your sound, please, and listen to the mastery of B.B. King.


  1. He does know how to make 'ol Lucille sing, doesn't he? :) Thanks for sharing this.


  2. to add to your stream of consciousness flow wasn't there an old gag where "does the name Ruby Begona strike a familiar chord?" was a pay off line?

  3. Love B.B. King!! Begonias are nice too.

  4. We were just looking at some begonias today. Thanks for the BB King - fun!

  5. Oh yes!!! That is how it is done!


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