Thursday, May 31, 2012


A few days ago the fabulous Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco Bay celebrated it's 75th anniversary.  I have fond memories of the construction through the photographs of my father's brother, Zenas Howland Taylor.  He lived in San Francisco for many decades and he and some buddies watched the construction from their "swimming camp" just down the coast.

This is my Uncle Zenas at the beach.

And this is the beginning of what was the famous Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco Bay.

As you can see from the photographs, only the huge suspension towers were in place at this point.  None of the cable had been strung nor the roadway built.

The members of this swimming club had their own construction project underway on the beach.  Using driftwood and construction material that floated onto shore, they were building their very own "camp" for protection from those nasty Northern California winds.

This was the 1930's, the glory years for that Band of Brothers.

A few years later, Uncle Zenas had put on some weight and was looking good on one of his many visits to one of his favorite places for climbing and camping out - Yosemite National Park.

These pictures came to my attention after his death.  But they help me to remember my favorite uncle.


  1. I love old pictures like this with a story. I recently saw a documentary of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was fascinating.


  2. What a treasure you have there. I love these old pictures!

  3. Wow, you have some historic photos.

  4. What cool photos! And your uncle was a hottie :)

  5. Great Shots....Swimming in that bay isn't for sissies either...Full of White Sharks...

  6. wow, great pictures! Thanks for sharing them

  7. Incredible photos. Thanks for a glimpse into the past.

  8. How lovely to have historic photos like that - your uncle looks like a cool guy.


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