Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you ever wondered what a television news producer does to earn a living?  Well, here's your answer: smoke constant cigarettes (maybe not so much anymore) and talk on the telephone.

That's me at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, in 1984.  Outside it was very hot and humid.  Inside the convention building it was ice cold, air conditioned to the point of death.  It needed to be that way in the huge auditorium to counteract the hot television lighting.  But this was a workroom away from the convention floor and the only lighting, as I recall, was fluorescent.  But . . air condition one, air condition them all.

Consequently I caught a cold the first day (of about ten) that we were there and wore that windbreaker and the nice Stetson hat I bought on the first day for the entire tour of duty.  It was a miserable week.  But . . . I did look pretty sharp, didn't I?


Jager said...

Who were talking to? I can hear you now, "What a waste of AC, St Ronnie has it in the bag!"

Lowandslow said...

That hat reminds me of Truman Capote. (Apologies if you weren't a Capote fan.)


Tom Cochrun said...

actually you look very cool. as though you were a graduate ofd the Hunter S Thompson School of political reporting.

I was in Dallas that year as well...last night of the convention saw Dan Rather do his Elvis impersonation.