Friday, June 8, 2012


Remember when we were kids?  Bath night usually was Saturday night.  I guess my mother thought we'd look clean for church the next day.

But it was only once a week.  Now I have friends that shower two or three times a day!  What's their problem?

Anyway these guys will take a bath any chance they get.


Another rascal arrived a few seconds later.  I believe it's a different robin since I saw three at once in the yard and this one appeared to be much more cautious.  I shot a video of him, too, but I have tried multiple times over a couple of days and can't get it to load. 

So you'll just have to imagine him.

And don't forget your bath.


  1. I also remember Saturday night as being bath night. Now I take a shower every morning, not to be clean but to wake me up.

  2. Ha! I remember Saturday night as bath night too. And if I remember correctly we always watched Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights.
    I can't stand to go without a daily shower now.
    Love the video of the robin. We enjoy watching the birds land in our bird bath, too. We have seen some pretty yellow birds this year. They look like finches.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. LIke Steve I take a shower every morning to wake up, but I also take one in the evening before I go to bed. Considering hot hot/sticky it is here it's pretty much mandatory.


  4. Thank you for the memories, Bruce, and for the inspiration to post a recollection from my childhood days:

  5. Well, it's Saturgay here, but I showered this morning. The A's took a bath last night.

  6. I have read that our desire for frequent bathing is actually harmful. It washes away needed germs and stuff -- or something like that.

  7. For being creatures living in nature, they sure waste a lot of water with their baths, don't they?

  8. Not only did we get the Saturday night bath but it was one kid after another in the same tub water. Yuck. I do like my daily shower and sometimes more often in the summer.

  9. The A's took another bath. There is always tonight.

  10. My mum made us bath a couple of times a week. My kids now prefer to shower than bath - my daughter showers at least once a day. My son has to be coerced into showering. I'll know he's growing up when he's in that shower more often ;)

    Cute robin ... your robins seem to be much bigger than the ones we have here in the UK.

  11. We like watching the birds in our "cement pond" too - so funny!

    I remember more frequent baths as a youth. I feel cheated!

  12. Those wings and that tail mean bid-neh.

  13. The splashing is always the best part for those who don't have to clean the mess...


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