Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have to tell you . . . I can only understand a few words of this song but I admire the musicianship and the incredible energy.  Turn it up and put on your dancin' shoes.

When I used to want to hear some rockin' piano, I'd turn to Jerry Lee Lewis.  But after watching this I'd have to say ol' Elton could give The Killer a run for his money.

Oh . . and this is from a concert in Tokyo . . to explain the Japanese titles on the screen.


Stephen Hayes said...

I haven't listened to this song in a while, but Elton does put out a lot of energy.

Steve said...

Sorry, no comparison to Jerry Lee in his prime.

Lowandslow said...

Excellent. High energy for sure. ;)


Thérèse said...

I am always ready to listen to Elton John... any time.

Cupcake Murphy said...

That guy is the best.

Stafford Ray said...

You think that's good? Have a look at this! (Little Richard aged 7)