Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Regular readers of this blog may recall that SWMBO decided our front patio looked like the dickens and needed some work.  If you hadn't heard about it or can't remember, here's a link to that story.

Well after the power washing, here is what she had left.

It stayed that way for quite a while as she contemplated it and discussed various ideas for what to do with it.  Then around the middle of May we went to Phoenix and stopped in at a house party.  The host and hostess have a lovely back yard, much of which was covered in a patio of the same hue as ours used to be.  SWMBO chatted with the hostess about it and got some tips on what to do.

When we came home she bought several cans of Rustoleum paint.  But by then it was too hot to work outside.  Finally she knew it wasn't going to get any cooler until the monsoon blew in and it would bring rain so it was "now or never".  So on a couple of mornings she rose at some obscenely early hour and worked on the patio.  Here is the result.

She wanted that sort of mottled look, not just solid reddish-brown like it was the first time.  I think it looks pretty darn good.  And I was warned more than once to stay away so my investment in sweat equity is ZERO!

Oh, and by the way, happy Fourth of July!


  1. Fantastic results! I've tried something similar before and lemme tell you, it isn't easy. Mine didn't look NEARLY that good. Kudos to SWMBO. :)


  2. I think it looks wonderful, like vintage terracotta. happy Fourth of July.

  3. The patio looks terrific! Well done SWMBO!

  4. She done good!

    We went camping up on Mingus over the 4th. It was very cool and rained too.

  5. Give Me a Nice Patio or Give Me Death. Long live SWMBO!