Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If you're a fan of some outrageous humor, as I am, you should check out Odd, Good, True which is written by my pal Cupcake Murphy.  She has a weird but very satisfying sense of humor and a beautiful dog named Cooper who is prominent in her posts.  Tell her I sent you.

Speaking of outrageous humor, there's the Romney-Ryan ticket, giving employment to comedians everywhere.

If you like your politics a little more hard-edged, check out Flight Plan by Scott from Dallas, Texas.  He's a true 2012 Angry Young Man.

Look at Dana's dinner from last night.  As I commented, it even looks good to a carnivore like me.  Yum!

Speaking of dinner, SWMBO just informed me that I'm making these to go with her chicken tonight.

Those are called Crispy Smashed Potatoes.  You can, as I did, find a recipe for them here.  Mine won't be as pretty as these because I'm using white potatoes.  (or is that "potatos?"  Damned Dan Quayle got me confused.)

O.K.  That's enough for today.  I have to rest up now for my stint in the kitchen later.  La-ti-dah!


Keith, a.k.a. Bricky said...

Potatoes spuds, murphys - who cares? It's how they taste that matters and I can tell these ones taste great!

Fijufic said...

Oh that crispy smashed potato looks fantastic. I will try that one for sure.

The Bug said...

Yum - that looks delicious! I'm sure Scott will appreciate being called a young man :) And thanks for the shoutout. There was a lot of chicken in the chicken salad, so it was slightly carniverous.

Lowandslow said...

Boy do you and SWMBO eat good. Mmmmm!

And thanks for the mention. Yeah, I guess sometimes I am angry, but I'll let the readers decide if my anger is justified or not. And "young man"? Haha! Good one. ;)