Sunday, August 19, 2012


SWMBO outdid herself tonight.

First, chopped veggies.

Then, a spice rub.

And a Julia Child.  That is, lots of butter.

The veggies were for a Cajun rice recipe.

The spice rub coated both sides of a couple of catfish filets.

Next, to the barbecue grill, to heat up a black iron skillet.

And then the fish get blackened.

By the way, do NOT try to do this part on your stove.  I don't think any fan, other than an industrial kitchen fan, can keep your smoke detector from going off if you do.

And, at last, it's on the plate and on the table, accompanied by a large ear of corn on the cob, a salad and a nice glass of wine.  Bon appetit!

Lest anyone be surprised, it was all delicious.


Stephen Hayes said...

Looks incredible. I could go for a plate of this right now.

Tom said...

Excuse me whilst I clean the drool off my keyboard.

Steve said...

It's too warm for cooking.

The Bug said...

Yum! Now I need to go out & get a cast iron pan so Mike can make this for me :)

Judy said...

It must be hard to get you to go out to eat with food like that being prepared at home.

évelyne said...

sa a l'air bien bon

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Merci de contribuer a mon cours de francais.

Et grace a Google pour la traduction!

Warren said...

ok, my mouth's watering... That looks like an incredible meal. Excellent food pictures, by the way!

Cupcake Murphy said...