Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The answer to yesterday's riddle is "animals."  Two horses, one man, one hog.

Oh, sure, a chorus of voices sang out.  "Fraud!"  And yes, you're right.  The correct answer, as nearly everyone knew, was "steed".

The first . . two steeds, or spirited horses.

The second . . British actor Patrick Macnee, who played Major The Honorable John Wickham Gascoyne Beresford Steed MC, OM, more popularly known as John Steed in the television series The Avengers.

And the third . . one I didn't know until yesterday . . the Honda Steed motorcycle.

So, my readers appear to be smarter than the old Catalyst.  Congratulations, all.


  1. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I'm not sure I would have made the motorcycle connection but I do know John Steed when I see him! I loved that show and I probably had a bit of crush on ole' John. I happen to know for a fact that my dad had a crush on Emma Peel.

  2. I think ALL men had a crush on Emma.

  3. Heck, I STILL have a crush on Emma Peel. ;)


  4. Enjoyed the answer, clever Catalyst. Totally missed it -- even the gimme, "animals." Do not know the derby guy, then or now. Sorry, though, to have missed out on Ms. Peel