Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's always a pleasure to find a new young singer.  A splendid surprise yesterday was hearing Susie Arioli for the first time.  She's a Canadian singer based in Montreal and she has a great touch with jazz standards.  She's tough to find in the United States so enjoy.

The second find is a beautiful woman named Melody Gardot.  She wears dark glasses nearly all the time because of effects from a terrible accident in which she was struck by a vehicle while she was bicycling.  You can learn more about her by going here.


Stephen Hayes said...

Both have lovely voices and interesting word phrasing.

The Bug said...

I hadn't heard of Susie before (I'll have to check her out at home), but Mike & I love Melody Gardot :)

Lowandslow said...

Wow! What lovely silky smooth. Mmmm. ;)


Tom Cochrun said...

Great finds. Superb! Thanks.

Steve said...

Good post, enjoyed it.