Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yesterday, SWMBO and I met our friend Diane for lunch at the Asylum Restaurant in the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona.  There is a mixed history about the old hotel.  Some say it was a hospital, some say it was an insane asylum.  The restaurant owner prefers the latter history and, as Halloween nears, the restaurant and grounds have been lavishly decorated by the staff.  One of them told me the whole staff pitched in and did it all in four hours.

The ghostly and ghastly patrons of the restaurant seem to grow scarier as the shadows creep over the building.  Our final lady of the night may have been caught in mid-scream as she got the first look at her check for the night.  Or not.

Lunch, as usual, was delicious.


Stephen Hayes said...

These folks really get into the Halloween spirit, don't they?

Tom Cochrun said...

Halloween has become a like a junior high school prom gone mad and on red bull.

The Bug said...

I agree with Tom - it's out of control! Our neighbor has a huge cling thing of zombies on the wall of his house facing ours (I'll probably get a picture today or tomorrow). The good doctor is NOT amused - he doesn't really care to be stared at by zombies. I think it's funny, but then again I'm odd :)

Steve said...

In Germany the retailers are trying to pick up the fever. Money of course and it appears to be working. More kids last year than the year before. I have a dentist appointment on the 30th to get a tooth pulled. I'll still give out goodies, but won't eat any.