Thursday, October 18, 2012


I had the good fortune Wednesday evening to take up the BRD's invitation to come across town to the Bronzesmith Gallery.  It encompasses both a gallery of fine western art but also a foundry that casts many of the pieces in bronze.  The gallery was unveiling this sculpture of "Not-So-Gentle Tamer", which when completed is scheduled to reside in front of the Prescott Valley Civic Center.

You may wonder at the look of grim determination on this woman's face.  A glance at the full-length form will show you the reason.

You can then see in her right hand the body of a large rattlesnake that this pioneer lady has just beheaded with the shovel in her left hand.

The artist is an acquaintance of mine from years ago, Bob Boze Bell.  (I must apologize for the fuzziness of his portrait as I was having some problems with my camera.)

Bell is a long time very-talented artist and chronicler of the Old West through several books he has written and as the executive editor of True West magazine.  Of his latest sculpture he says:

"Whether they were wrangling ornery kids or dispatching hogs, chickens, scorpions and rattlesnakes, the women who lived in Arizona Territory had to be tough.  We, their offspring, admire and thank them for their grit."

Smaller bronze models of the "Not-So-Gentle Tamer" are available in Limited Editions.  Here's one that has been bronzed and patina applied.

This is the patina artist, Carl Wolf, in his studio.  He said he has been with the foundry/gallery for 18 years doing this work.

And I couldn't resist taking this photo of his tools.

It was a very pleasant evening at Bronzesmith in Prescott Valley.


The Bug said...

Cool! You couldn't put this woman in a binder! :)

QwkDrw said...

If she was seeking employment where there were many applicants, one might find a resume for the "Not-So-Gentle-Tamer" in a binder of qualified women.

Of course it's just silly that such an excellent sculpture would need a resume


Sharon said...

What a great series of photos, I almost feel like I was there. That statue is wonderful and will be a great addition to Prescott Valley and an even better tribute to those gritty western pioneer women.

Your comment on my site today about being brave made me chuckle. If you had seen what was sitting in that yard to the left you would have thought me even braver. The guy who owns the house now has a tank in the front yard;a WWII military tank. I cut it out of the photo because I didn't like it but, I'm guessing FLW wouldn't have liked it either.

Sharon said... all the "binder" comments above.

Steve said...

Yeah, they had to be tough,

Lowandslow said...

An interesting sculpture. I enjoyed seeing/hearing about the patina artist. When somebody is on the same job for 18 years he obviously enjoys his work. Not many can say that. ;)


Meggie said...

Another great post, Bruce.

Thérèse said...

How fun and I admire all these Western pioneer women. Life must have been so tough on them. Great that you showed us the sculptor and the "patina artist" it brings so much life to your post.