Monday, November 19, 2012


Last month I posted about a sculpture created at Bronzesmith in Prescott Valley.  Here is that post.  While the clay sculpture, hopefully to be finished in bronze and stationed in front of the Town Hall, was based on a painting by Western artist, writer and publisher Bob Boze Bell, I failed to name the sculptor.  She is one Deb Gessner and you can read more about her and see her picture at Boze's own web site, here.

My apologies go to Deb for not identifying her in my earlier post.  She is, quite obviously, a very talented sculptor in her own right.


  1. Thks for the link.
    To comment on your observation Bruce, I would rather think that this bell tower has different bells sizes which give out different sounds. I notice that they don't move when struck.

  2. He has an interesting site. Enjoyable read.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Bruce!
    ~Deb Gessner


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