Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This one is just for my readers in the United States of America.  Today is the day we elect our national and state leaders.  Your right to vote is your most precious freedom.  Whichever candidates you support (it hurts me to say) go to the polls and cast your votes today if you haven't already.


Lowandslow said...

Wise words. I beat the rush by 2 weeks.


Sharon said...

You are a smart man!

Stephen Hayes said...

Mailed in my ballot last week.

Stafford Ray said...

Sometimes I think we are right to have compulsory voting and this US election is one of those times.
It seems the most motivated get out to vote and this time the most motivated are the wealthy. But the last time I looked, although they are richer, there are less of them so perhaps they will be asking for more than one vote soon!
From here, we see Obama as a negotiator in foreign policy while Romney, simply because of his party, would be more likely to be aggressive. We saw where that led under Bush, with we in OZ in tow. Of course, once in the hot seat, some change, but with US Military spending at around 40% of Global Total, there is a mighty strong political lobby, and it seems in the Republican Party, to not decrease it.

Lucy said...

Good luck!

Thérèse said...

There could be no other good idea that this one for November 6th and it paid off.