Friday, November 30, 2012


Well I told you my plans to move to Phoenix had aroused great interest in the blogger community.  Why, just today I received a video from my good friend Tom way out there in California's Central Empire.  He always has good advice.

Well now I had to ponder on that for awhile.  But eventually I decided the best thing was to just ask the question I was havin' trouble with.

Just a couple of good ol' boys havin' some fun on a cold Friday.

So now here's today's Gratuitous Critter picture.

"Those human beings are sure strange!"


Stephen Hayes said...

I agree with Tom: plumbing really is a pretty good thing to have wherever you go. There, I've gone out on a limb with my unorthodox opinions.

Lowandslow said...

I'll be the contrarian here and say in Phoenix air conditioning is probably much more necessary than plumbing. Just saying'.


Tom Cochrun said...

Heaven help us Mr. Taylor. We've established a global low for dramatic impression.

Steve said...

Good one. AC & TP are good things to have.

Jager said...

When I lived in Phoenix, I showered outside most of the time even though we had indoor plumbing.

You guys should be on teevee.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Jager - You must have been popular with the neighbors!

By the way, we WERE on teevee. We're just old retired codgers now.

The Bug said...

That was fun :) When I went to Zambia I had a lot of indoor plumbing jokes made so one of the first pictures I took was of the bathroom in my apartment. Ha!