Saturday, November 24, 2012


Just when I thought I'd given up the Thanksgiving tradition of long hours in a kitchen to make a 20-minute-meal, along came one of those pictures from the bacon-goes-good-with-anything people.

Now that's an idea.  Probably not a very good one for someone who already has a Pacemaker, though.

By the way, I guess you've all probably heard by now that Larry Hagman has died at the age of 81.  Hagman was working on the latest iteration of "Dallas", playing his iconic J.R. Ewing once again.

So long, Larry, it was good to know you.

I saw something interesting in my little town the other day.  Workmen were putting up one of those big fancy new signs at Tim's Toyota Center.

But what struck me as odd was what was going to top off the sign.

Bucky's Casino and the Yavapai Casino are nowhere near the Prescott Valley Town Center.  They're a half dozen or so miles down the road on the Yavapai Apache reservation near Prescott.  So why are we advertising them?  It's a mystery, though I'm thinking maybe they paid for the whole sign.

The stars of today's Gratuitous Critters photo certainly are confused.


Stephen Hayes said...

A turkey wearing a bacon sweater! How can that not be a glorious thing. Love the colorful frogs. I wonder if they are color blind or if they can see those vivid shades.


Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

I don't know about those frogs. But they live in a colorful universe.

Lowandslow said...

That turkey looks good! The only thing better might be bacon wrapped bacon. Mmmmm.....

Just goes to show you how much profit there is in the gamblin' biz!

And I'm sorry to hear about 'ol JR passing. You can't imagine how many visitors I've had to drive out to Southfork Ranch so they could have their picture taken with that big (it actually isn't all that big) house in the background. Still, Larry was quite the icon.


Felix Lee said...

I love how the bacon is not just put on the turkey but is actually weaved around it. That will be an epic turkey.

May Larry Hagman rest in peace...

Katherine said...

I have never seen turkey prepared in this way but am imagining that it would taste quite yummy. The frogs are adorable. I've got a few fat green tree frogs living in my back yard, I love frogs!

Lucy said...

That turkey looks like Lady Gaga.

Steve said...

Need some eggs with that turkey.