Sunday, November 11, 2012


What a relief.  The snow passed us by.  Oh we had a few flakes late yesterday afternoon but nothing stuck and the storm is now up in Colorado.

But it's a mighty crispy day.  42 degrees F. out there at high noon.  When I rose from the arms of Morpheus early this morning the temperature was sitting on the overnight low: 28 degrees.  

SWMBO had me unhook the hoses from our two outdoor water taps as the temperature was dropping last night so no damage there.  But her basil plant, which she neglected to bring into the house, got crisped.

It's a long way from those long snowbound winters I grew up with in North Dakota many years ago.  I can remember building snow forts, sliding off the second floor roof of our house directly onto huge drifts, and ice-skating for hours - - all in 20 below temperatures.  When I'd come inside, I'd sit on our steam radiator to warm my young and nearly frozen bones.  Those were the days!  But I couldn't handle those icy temperatures now.  Among other things I've lived in Arizona too many years.

I remember our first Christmas in Phoenix 40 years ago.  I posed for a photograph in the community swimming pool with a holly wreath on my head and holding a glass of champagne.  The family back in North Dakota simultaneously loved and hated that picture and finally got around to telling me I didn't have to keep telling them about my warm weather as they chilled through December and January and February and March.

Ah well.  Speaking of the arms of Morpheus, take a look at this Gratuitous Critter picture of a turtle apparently seeking warmth in a clutch of puppies!


Steve said...

You are bound to get some before winter is over.

Stephen Hayes said...

That turtle mst be warm blooded.