Thursday, December 6, 2012


SWMBO bought a new bed yesterday.  The guys came and delivered it and set it up today.  When they left and she looked at it, she said "It's so high!"

Yes, it is.  With the rolling frame on the bottom, then the box spring, then the mattress . . . this sucker must sit nearly three feet off the floor.  I told her she'd need a stepladder to climb up into it.  But she said, other than the oxygen deprivation, it is comfortable.

Meantime, Blackwell was just trying to see if he'd fit under the behemoth.

Sweet dreams up there!


Lowandslow said...

Watch out! That first midnight run to the bathroom might be a shocker. ;)


Tom Cochrun said...

It all looks elegant.

The Bug said...

My dad always claimed that you sleep better if your bed is higher. He even put bricks under the legs of our beds for a while there. I have NO idea what he based that claim on - maybe because it was harder for me to crawl into bed with him & mom when I was a little girl?

Judy said...

Don't fall out.

Steve said...

Looks like the two of you are moving up in the world.