Monday, January 7, 2013


What is it, I wonder, in a man who has worn a beard for many years to suddenly decide he wants to try life without one?

I received a photo in my email this morning from an old friend and former colleague, Roger Ball, of his completely unshaven face.  As he noted it is "for the first time in 40 years, four months and three weeks" that he has been barefaced.

So first, we have a photo of Roger from a few years ago.

And then (brace yourselves) here's the photo of Roger after he administered the razor on January 1st.

Curiously, I have another friend and former colleague who has done the same trip as Roger.  First, a picture of a great photographer/videographer Steve Torbeck.

My buddy, Baseball Steve, had his beard for many years, too.  Maybe not as long as Roger but still, it was a distinctive part of his face and his personality for a long time.  

And then . . . what happened?  I don't really know but one day his beard was gone.

Steve is about 10 years younger than Roger and I so he has maintained his youthful looks better than we have.

The last time I was clean-shaven was in 1991, just before we left Mexico.  As I told Roger today, I was shocked to find my father under that beard.  I quickly grew it back and have been hirsute, in varying degrees, ever since.  We'll see how long Roger keeps his current "look".

Which brings me, of course, to the Gratuitous Critter picture of the day.

"I'm keepin' my plumage!"


The Bug said...

Personally, I like a man with a beard :) In fact, I've never seen Mike without one, except for pictures. I think he grew his the year before we met, so he's had it since 1986 or so.

Stephen Hayes said...

What a difference a bit of facial hair makes. Steve looks fine smooth faced but Roger looked better with his whiskers.

Steve said...

Twenty years in the Army saw me clean shaven. Since then I may have went a week without, but old habits are hard to break. It's been twenty three years since I retired and I still haven't grown a beard. Go figure.

Lowandslow said...

I've had a moustache for probably 35 years, and about 10 years ago I added a goatee, too. No reason, just because I could I suppose. I tried a full beard once but there was too much trimming involved to keep it looking nice. But go completely clean shaven? No, I'm scared what I might find under there.


Tom Cochrun said...

Torbeck, sans beard, looks like Larry Bird's younger and better looking brother.
Ball looks different. They say beards make you look older.
I've had this mustache for so many years, I'm afraid to loose it.

The Geezers said...

These fellows are gustier than grown kids have never seen me cleanshaven, and I fear that I won't even recognize myself if I were to go down this path...

Thérèse said...

What could I say except for "ha ha ha!" Fun to look at and to read about.

Sharon said...

It does make you wonder what prompted such action. I'm glad that bird is keeping it's look.