Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yesterday, I was in Mesa standing around talking to friends under sunny skies in 70 degree temperatures.  But I had checked the forecast and I knew a change was coming.  Just a day later, this was the scene as I was driving from Prescott Valley to Prescott this afternoon.

But as I said to one of my North Dakota buddies yesterday, at least in Arizona it doesn't last long.  A couple of hours later the sun was out and the snow was gone.

Incidentally I was watching a golf tournament that began today at Marana, just a bit north of Tucson in southern Arizona.  It started out cold with the players wearing stocking caps and jackets.  A bit later and as Jason Day put it, "First it started to rain, then it changed to sleet and then to snow."  The rest of play was called off for the day as about two inches fell in less than an hour.  Most of the golfers were incredulous and some of them had never seen snow before.

Just an average day in the deserts of Arizona.


Tom Cochrun said...

Indiana weather used to be that erratic. Do you think Dan Quayle brought it with him to Az?

Stephen Hayes said...

Amazing how much the weather can change in a twenty-four hour period.