Friday, February 1, 2013


We have begun our search for a new home in Phoenix.  Moving is one of my least favorite things to do but you'd never know it from my record.  This will be the 31st and I'm hoping the final move of my life.

We are busy packing and labeling boxes.

As is obvious, we are book lovers.  We used to run a bookstore and we have hundreds of books.  Most but not all of them are packed into boxes now.  As they become packed for the movers our bookshelves are becoming empty.

Every time we have moved, we have said "Never again!  We must stop accumulating things!"

And, of course, by the next move we are inundated with more and more "stuff".  The late George Carlin had a wonderful routine about that.

I keep saying to SWMBO "but we're packing all our stuff and we don't have any place to go yet!"

She says "shut up and pack!"

We made an exploratory trip to Phoenix this week and drove all over town checking out areas we might like to live in.  The ones we really like, of course, are too expensive for us.  We contacted a realtor or two and learned from one of them that what we want is a property management person.  We think we've found one so, as SWMBO keeps telling me, "we will find a place to live."

One thing we have discovered is that there don't seem to be a lot of classified ads for homes in the newspaper anymore.  Apparently digital media has virtually eliminated that form of advertising.  Since that is a huge portion of any newspaper's income it is not surprising to see so many newspapers stopping publishing or cutting back and going to the Internet.

I said at the beginning of this that I had moved 30 times in my life.  You might be surprised to learn that we have lived where we are now for nearly 12 years and one previous home for about the same amount of time.  That tells you one of two things - either I've had a lot of short tenures in homes or I'm very, very old.

I think the first is true.  As to the second I'm feeling older every single day.


Lowandslow said...

Good luck on the move. My only advice would be to part with as much stuff as you can. You can actually get by with much less square footage and be more comfortable in it if you'll sell/give away as much stuff as you can that you never use anyway.

I had between 400-500 volumes at one time, but as K convinced me, unless I go back and re-read them (which I don't) or use them for reference material (which I don't), they were just dust collectors. No telling how many tons those things weighed. Aside from a few dozen that had special meaning to me I sold/gave away the rest.

Keep us posted on how things are going.


Jager said...

It's a good thing vinyl records are becoming popular again...I have over 5,000 in storage, they were at my Mom's, after she died they were hauled to my sister's. I haven't seen them for years. I let the Cakes talk me into getting rid of my big Boston Acoustic speakers, my amp, reciever, turntable and dual cassette deck, now they are worth some money again, the sh*t we held onto isn't worth sh*t!

The Bug said...

We got rid of a lot of books the last time we moved, but of course, I live with a historian so we've accumulated a lot more again. Or I should say HE has - I either get books from the library or use my kindle.

We HATE moving too! In the 22 years since we've been married we've only moved 5 times (and one time was just across the driveway to another townhouse after the roof on ours blew off).

Steve said...

Good luck on the search. We may also be moving within the next year.

Tom Cochrun said...

I do not envy you. But it looks as though you've got most of the books packed. Good luck on the search.
Remember, storage room is a blessing-until it's time to move.

Warren said...

Best wishes with finding your new home and the move. How are the cats taking to all the boxing going on?

Randy Rogers said...

Bruce you should use Craigslist that's the new classifieds.

Thérèse said...

31 times and I who thought we had moved a lot!!!
Good luck in your search, it is nerves breaking and sometimes it is the last stop which brings luck, it happened to us twice and not in the area we were looking at.

Thérèse said...

We kept half the books... and we still have them in boxes which are still taking a whole wall waiting for their final destination and it is a hassle each time I want to go back to one of them... :-)

Sharon said...

I do hate to think of moving again but I'm sure it will happen one of these days. That is quite a lot of packing you are doing. I can't wait to hear where you end up. My little neighborhood is nice, near Phoenix college but, I had no idea was houses go for here. Best of luck with the move!

Judy said...

I wish you well on your house hunting and move. I will miss your input on the local "goings on" here but will be waiting to see what you find in the new place.