Friday, February 15, 2013


This has got to be the biggest and the happiest beach baby ever.

And as brother Ratzinger fades into the sunset, the humorists have him in their sights.

"Pope Benedict surprised everyone and announced that he is stepping down at the end of the month.  Or as God put it, 'Well, at least he gave me two weeks notice."
                                                    --Jimmy Fallon

And on and on it goes.


Stephen Hayes said...

I've seen that video of the baby elephant several times and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Thanks.

Lowandslow said...

Funny stuff. Love the fashion show commentary. ;)


Tom Cochrun said...

the ex benedict is superb.

Steve said...

I give him an A for class. He doesn't plan in dying in office.

The Bug said...

Love the pope jokes :)