Saturday, February 23, 2013


I have neglected you, blogger friends.

I have just been reading your blogs, many since I have last entered my timeless thoughts.  Yours are very good.  Mine, not so much.

So, what have I been up to?  Today I watched a lovely movie, "Robot and Frank" with the excellent Frank Langella and the always delectable Susan Sarandon, among others.  I liked it.

And I have finally finished a book, "Telegraph Avenue" by the fantastic Michael Chabon.  I have no idea how he mastered the black lifestyle (good and bad) and "talk", but that he did.  He has already won a Pulitzer Prize (for "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay") and this novel is, while trying at times, ultimately fascinating and lovely.  I recommend it.

We are still packing boxes full of our belongings.  Well, at least, SWMBO is.  I've kind of fallen down on it but I am trying to find a realtor or property management person in the Valley who will do us some good.  But it will happen.  Our move, that is.  Eventually.

The BRD and her Beau Jack are off to San Luis Obispo and environs tomorrow.  SWMBO is off to Flagstaff to spend Academy Awards night with a good friend and her annual party.  Then she'll return briefly on Monday before leaving to spend a week house-sitting (or cat-sitting, actually) at the BRD's house.

Speaking of cats, I took our beloved Blackwell to the Humane Society yesterday to have a microchip implanted in him and to have his toenails clipped.  As has been noted before, he is a bit of an escape artist (though he has, to date, always returned).  But the microchip will give us an added feeling of certainty that we won't lose him in the move.  He was very good, very brave through a long waiting period in a room full of dogs, some barking.  But I think he's glad to be home.

I have another movie to watch.  "Little White Lies", which SWMBO (who watched it today) tells me is a French movie with subtitles about a couple of couples who go on a vacation at the beach . . and all that brings to mind.  Hmmmm.

Food!  Two nights ago SWMBO surprised me with one of my favorite meals: Chicken piccata with pasta alfredo.  Leftovers last night.  Tonight, baked chicken and rice.  It's smelling delicious as I write this.  And salivate.  I have a New York steak thawing in the refrigerator for my "escape night" dinner.  Steak and baked potato.  Just for me.  Only when SWMBO leaves me alone for a night.

So it goes for we older folks.  Books, movies, food.  What else does one need.


  1. Bruce, enjoyed the post. Lots of info you shared.

  2. What else? Maybe a bottle of wine or an adult beverage once in a while. Good you are back to the sphere.

  3. *snif* You don't don't write.

    Glad to hear all is well. Sounds like a very contented life you have goin' on right now. Keep it that way. ;)