Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As I said yesterday, two of my nephews and their wives were coming to visit.  Just a day after a four-day hiking and camping trek into the Grand Canyon.  The organizers were Amy and Barry from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Amy is an excellent and pretty competitive cross country skier.  Barry is the cook extraordinaire and planner.  They go somewhere nearly every weekend to hike, camp, fish, ski or whatever.  They're a very active couple.

They had gone into the Canyon a year ago.  This time they brought Barry's older brother, Larry and his wife Debbie, from Minot, North Dakota.

I was just talking with SWMBO and noted it was interesting that all three men in that family do a bulk of the cooking.  Barry, Larry and their younger brother, Tim, all cook very capably.

By the way, I found that Larry likes his white wine!

Barry and Amy had to catch a plane back for the snowy north.  Here's a picture Barry sent of what greeted them at home.

Larry and Deb stayed over a night.  Great to see them after way too many years.


The Bug said...

Sounds like a nice time. Boy, more power to them - when I was younger I dreamed about hiking like that, but I never actually pursued it & now I'm in such bad shape that it will most likely never happen.

Tom Cochrun said...

At least there was some sun waiting for Barry and Amy.

Stephen Hayes said...

I think men are naturally good cooks. I am, anyway, but I don't want my wife to know about it.

Thérèse said...

My sweet half should read this post of yours for the cooking part...
Such a nice reunion! I presume going back to the cold will be, for them, kind of a shock.