Saturday, April 20, 2013


Phoenix television anchor team, Lin Sue Cooney and Mark Curtis,  at Pat's Run in Tempe this morning.

Back in the day, I worked with both of these people.  What I want to know is how come Mark and I got older and grayer and plumper and Lin Sue has remained her same gorgeous self.

Maybe it's because of this.

Some other stuff I swiped from the Internets today.

And one for, like me, the gentle cat lovers among you.


Stephen Hayes said...

I must agree with you that she is one attractive woman. As for the rest, I won't be throwing the first stone.

Anonymous said...

Brucie, why were you at the run today? I'm sure you weren't
running.. Missed you Friday. Are you going to Survivors Thursday?

Lowandslow said...

She must have a very good plastic surgeon?


The Geezers said...

What DID we do for entertainment before the InterWeb?

Damn. Bacon roses. I gotta get me summa those.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

No, I wasn't at the run. Doubt if I'll go to Survivors.